Sunday, April 27, 2008

Can't Keep My Mind off the Sports

Normally my column here in the Celeste Tribune is full of political rantings and ravings. Yes, the news is still full of many controversial subjects that could easily fire up a columna about the Olympic torch protests, the riots in New York or the ongoing and increasingly nasty race for the Democrat nomination for President. However, I just cant keep my mind focused on Politics right now. One of my deep dark secrets is that I am a fanatical sports fan. Professional sports that is.

As I am writing this column game four of the Mavericks/Hornets first round playoff game is about to begin. As yall know it has been a very long and disappointing season for Mav fans. It seems like the loss to the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship series two years ago broke the heart and spirit of our little Mavs. Las year we had the best season in the history of the franchise, winning 67 games and cemented our posistion as one of the Elite teams in the NBA. Then Don Nelson (the hated ex-Mav coach) brought his pathetic Golden State Warriors to town and kicked our high flying Mavs right out of the Playoffs. I will admit that was when I started to have doubts about the "Genius" Head Coach of the Mavs Avery Johnson. This season we didn't seem to have the fire to drive for the playoffs. Mark Cuban (In my opion the second best owner in Dallas) pulled out his wallet and sent a ton of money to the NBA and Devin Harris to the New Jersey Nets to bring Jason Kidd to Dallas. I thought our sports prayers were being answered. We quickly learned that their was some problems fitting Jason Kidd's style into Avery Johnson's game plans. The losing of key games continued. Then Dirk got hurt and like most fans I thought the season was over and that the Mav's were destined for the garbage bin. Dirk, however, refused to let the Mav's die. He came back from his injury in an absurbly short time and sparked the Mav's in a season ending drive to the Playoffs. Surely, we could beat the new kids on the block. The New Orleans Hornets would be ground under the Dallas drive for the Championship. Two devastating losses later, it was desperation time again in Dallas. The Mav's answered with a great win in game three, Now its time for a win in game four. By the time you read this column the Mavs very well could be eliminated from the Playoffs. I hope not, I would love to see the Mavs force a game six. On the other hand if the Mav's are eliminated in five games by the Hornets, Avery Johnson needs to be fired!

I am not much of a Hockey fan, but the Stars are exciting right now. They have broken the first round curse that has descended on the Professional sports teams in Dallas. The Stars did not just beat the Defending Stanley Cup Champion Ducks, they dominated them. Tonight is game two of the SECOND round of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. The Stars won game one in San Jose. Go STARS!!

This weekend was also the NFL Draft. The Cowboys picked Felix Jones, RB from Arkansas in the First, Mike Jenkins CB from South Florida with the 25th pick in the 1st. Then they added Tashard Choice RB, Orlando Scandrick CB and Eric Walden DE. Lets hope that the "Boys" can use the addition of these kids along with the convicts they traded for to get us back to the Super Bowl. Lets also hope that Pacman Jones can stay out of trouble long enough for the League to reinstate him or that Jerry Jones can dump his contract without harming the Cowboys when this Thug gets in trouble again.

Highlighting Hypocrisy

IF you have been watching the news for the last week or so, you have seen the protestors in Europe and San Francisco. Admittedly there is nothing new or surprising about protestors in Europe or San Francisco, both places seem to have an excess of lunatics with more time on their hands than they know what to do with it. However this time the protestors are not objecting to the United States Military or to American foreign policy. They are not taking to the streets to demand civil rights for criminals that sneak across the border into our nation. They are not even demanding constitutionally guaranteed rights for Terrorists being held at Guatanamo Bay that are not in any stretch of the imingination covered by the US Constitution. Instead they are flaunting the law to protest the actions of the Communist Chinese Dictatorship. To be precise they are protesting the Chinese treatment of dissidents in Tibet and the political exile of the Dali Lama. They are trying to send a message to the Chinese Government by putting out the Olympic Torch.

In case you have not noticed the Olympics are being held in Beijing China this year. These ultra leftist lunatics are demanding freedom and civil rights for the people of Tibet. They are willing to attack the Police and commit thousands of dollars in property damage to send this message to the Communist Thugs that are cracking down on the Tibetan dissidents.

Maybe it is just me, but I find this very confusing. These are the same left wing lunatics that demand we withdraw our troops from Iraq BECAUSE the freedom of Iraqi citizens is not worth fighting for. WHY are the civil rights of Tibetan people more significant than the civil rights of Iraqi people? Are the executions of Tibetan dissidents more brutal than the execution of innocent Iraqis? In China they are throwing people out of the homes in order to make room for the Olympics, In Iraq the Insurgents (Iranian & Al Queda sponsored Terrorists) are slaughtering innocent people for being the wrong religion or for not supporting the Radical Islamic Insanity of Osama Bin Laden and others.

Either these very politically correct, very liberal, very "fashionable" protestors are telling us that Tibetan people matter more than Iraqi people OR they are just being hypocrites! Could it be they only oppose the freedom of the Iraqi people because President Bush is waging this war? I am trying hard but I just don't remember these kinds of protestors when President Clinton waged his wars in Bosnia and Somalia. Again I have to question why? Is it possible that Politics is driving their "anger" instead of humanity? Perhaps we can ask Senator Clinton as she avoids sniper fire or Senator Obamma in between Anti-American Sermons by his church.

At What Cost

Recently it was announced that Justice Department was launching an investigation against one of the premier baseball players of the last 20 years. Did this player throw a game? Did this player bet on games? Did this player sell drugs to small kids during the off season? No, He lied (in theory) to Congress about the use of Steroids and HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Roger Clemens one of the most dominate pitchers in the game during the 90's and the early 00's apparentl cheated. In spite of Hall of Fame stats Mr Clemons will NOT be remembered as a great pitcher. Mr Clemons will NOT be remembered as a role model despite all of the years he claimed that hard work and talent was all you really needed. He will be remembered as a cheater. Clemons made millions, was a hero to literally thousands of kids and sports fans. The irony of this is that if Roger Clemons had just told the truth like Andy Petit, he would have already been forgiven and his legacy would be intact.

Last Baseball season Hammering Hank Aaron's all time Home Run record was broken. Was this once in a lifetime event celebrated around the baseball world? NO, as a matter of fact this "hitter" was routinely booed at every stadium he played in except San Francisco. The 756 Home Run ball will be going to the Hall of Fame, with an asterick permanently stamped on it. The asterick? Barry Bonds amazing feat is stained by the fact that he was on steroids. Now he has been indicted for Perjury, and may be facing a prison term. His legacy will be permanently tarnished not because he cheated but because he lied about it.

Two weeks ago I attended a candidaes forum in Quinlan. It was an open forum with both Republicans and Democrats in attendance. Now, I don't expect to agree with liberal Democrats. My politics and theirs are polar opposites, However I will always respect a man who will stand up and there and tell you the truth about what he believes. What I can't abide is a candidate from either party that lies about what he believes or about things that his party has done. A case in point; During May of 2007 Senate leaders of the Democrat party voted to cut off funding to our troops while they were being shot at in Iraq. I don't agree with this stand, and would never vote for anyone tha did. BUT, I would respect a candidate that stood up for his convictions. At the Quinlan event one of the Democrat candidates for Congress stated "That NO Democrat leader has ever voted to cut off funding to our troops." That is not spin, that is not a matter of opionon, that is a lie. Pure and simply. You can verify this fact in the May 16th 2007 issue of the Washington Post (Not exactly a Conservative Newspaper) or being checking the Congressional Record. Both are available online.

I understand the drive to win in sports and politics. You have to ask yourself "At what cost?" Are you willing to sell your soul and discard your honor to win? Personally I am not.
THe opionons in this column are of course mine and do not neccessarily reflect the opionons of the Owner of this paper, the Editor of this paper or the clerk that sold you the paper.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Should we Bother To Vote This Year?

It's a question that I have heard a lot lately.

If you are a Democrat, the reason is simple. For the first time since 1968, the Texas Primary means something. Hillary and Obama are deadlocked and Texas could very well determine which one of them gets the Democrat nomination for President. It's true that the majority of the Democrats seeking office, are unopposed in the primary but, here in Celeste, and our end of the County, you will also get the chance to choose which one of two candidates that gets the nomination for County Commissioner. You can either vote for the incumbent or the hometown man who is opposing him.

On the Republican side of the house the Presidential race is all but over. No matter who we vote for, no matter how hard we work, Senator John McCain is going to win the Republican nomination for President. So you might think let's go and vote for the Democrat that is most beatable. SLOW DOWN, wait just a minute, there are a couple of things that you might want to think about. There are four key races on the Republican Primary Ballot:

1) US Congressman - There are five candidates in this race. Congressman Ralph Hall ( ) is running for re-election. He has four opponents- Gene Christensen of Celina (, Mayor Kathy Seei of Frisco (, Kevin George of Celina ( and Joshua Kowert of Sherman ( Take some time and check out their web sites, read their positions on the issues and make up your own mind.

2) County Sheriff - There are three candidates in this race. Deputy Chief Robert White, Richard Hill and Constable Randy Meeks. Any of these three men would make a decent Sheriff. However, due to the problems that currently plague the Sheriff's Office we need more than just a Decent Sheriff. We need a Sheriff that will rebuild the morale of the Troopers and rebuild the credibility of the office. In my opinion, we also need to make a complete break with the current administration and the scandals that have plagued our County Government. For that reason, I will be voting for Randy Meeks and urge you to do the same.

3) County Commissioner - There are four candidates in this race. Greenville City Councilman, Chris Bracken, Richard Phillips of Celeste, Mike Pierce of Celeste and Bill Sherman. Richard Phillips and Mike Pierce are both locals and we all know them very well. I feel the need to be honest with you at this point, I am friends with two of the candidates in this race, and next door neighbor with another. I honestly believe that three of these men would do a good job as County Commissioner. What we need is a County Commissioner that knows how to work with the County Government and with Business. We need a County Commissioner that will help us to move into the 21st Century and prepare Hunt County for the influx of people escaping from Dallas. For that reason I will be voting for Chris Bracken and urge you to do the same.

4) County District Attorney - There are two candidates in this race. Noble (Nobie) Walker of Greenville and Scott Cornaud of Quinlan. We need a DA that has experience CONVICTING criminals not getting them off. For that reason I will be voting for Noble Walker and urge you to do the same.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trying to Find the Lesser of Two Evils

Every once in a while you find your self in a situation where there is no good choice. A Situation where the very best you can do is minimize the damage, cause there is no way to win. It seems like we are rushing headfirst at another one of those No-Win Choices. Two days ago 36 % of the voters in Florida decided that the best "Republican" Candidate for President was Senator John McCain. Lets ignore for the moment that 64% of the voters cast their ballot for one of his opponents. The "Win" in Florida makes Senator McCain the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination. It also gave him a large dose of momentum going into the Super Tuesday Primaries. The "Experts", "Pundits" and pollsters are now telling us that the odds are now stacked for Senator McCain to win the Nomination.

Let me ask you a few questions. If I tell you a candidate is for Amnesty for illegal aliens do you think Democrat or Republican? If I tell you a candidate opposed President Bush's tax cuts do you think Democrat or Republican? If I tell you a candidate wants to bring the Terrorists in Gitmo to the United States and give them every right guaranteed to Americans in our Constitution do you think Democrat or Republican? If I tell you a candidate has stated he would NOT appoint a conservative like Supreme Court Justice Sam Aledo because he is TOO Conservative do you think Democrat or Republican? If I tell you that the Ultra Liberal Editorial board of the New York Times has endorsed a candidate do you think Democrat or Republican? Guess what, all of these facts point to a single candidate, and it is not Barrack Obama. It is also Not Senator Hillary Clinton, Instead it is "Republican" Front runner Senator John McCain.

If Senator McCain gets the Republican nomination for President come November we will be asked to choose between an Ultra Liberal Democrat and a Republican that is more liberal than conservative. Once again for the sixth straight Presidential Election instead of choosing between two different visions of what is best for our country we will have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

And Now The "Fun" Begins

On Monday December 3rd 2007 the 2008 election cycle officially begins. That is the first day that candidates for office can file ad already the election year insantiy has begun.

On Friday November 30th Leeland Eisenberg strapped highway flares to his chest and marched into the New Hampshire election headquarters of Senator Hillary Clinton. Mr Eisenberg, who had spent the previous 48 hours getting drunk, demanded to speak to the Front Running Democratic Party candidate for President. Mr Eisenberg held off the police for five hours, taking time to call CNN and tell them this was a protest for the lack of proper Mental Health Care. Apparently this drunken Ex-Con is living proof of that.

CNBC reporter Erin Burnett went on the air this week to offer President Bush an apology for calling him a "Monkey" during the MSNBC Moring show "Moring Joe".

Speaking before officials of the Democrat National Committee Govenor Bill Richardson (Democrat candidate for President), lambasted the Democrat controlled congress for it's failure to accomplish more.

Citizens United, an activist group, has filed a lawsuit against CNN for "Biased Reporting" in the networks "Broken Government" program.

According to the Gallup Poll Republicans have much better Mental Health than Democrats or Independenats. As a favor to my editor I am not gonna touch that line.

Meanwhile overseas in Sudan the followers of the "Religion of Peace" are demanding that a British School teacher be execuated for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Mohammed.

In Caracas tens of thousands of supporters of Hugo Chavez took to the streets to rally in favor of the Constitutional changes being sought by the Leftist leader of Venezuela. "These amendments would enable President Chavez to suspend basic rights indefinitely by maintaining a perpetual state of emergency," said Jose Miguel Vivanco of the New York-based group.

Why do I get the feeling that it is going to be a long election year.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Once again November has come screaming around the calender. We are already past Veterans Day (I Hope you remembered to thank a Vet) and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I would like to ask you to take a moment out of your Turkey fantasy's and Sweet Potato cravings to think about what you have to be thankfull this year. With your permission I would like to tell you a few of the things I am thankfull for.

1) The Editor of this paper has not fired me yet for missing or almost missing my deadlines. If you know me then you know I love to talk and debate almost any issue. I am seldom at a loss for words, however I am also a bit of a procastinator. As a direct result of that I usually turn this column in to my long patient editor either 30 seconds before the deadline or the day after the deadline.

2) In spite of some farily serious health scares early in the year, I am still here to annoy the Democrats and make the Republicans think. Just in case you are wondering I Intend to keep questioning the obvious hypocracy of people like Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and Al Gore. I will also continue to demand that our Republican Elected Officials actually try to do the things they promised when they ran.

3) The Screen Writers Strike will soon put an end to what has to be the worst Televison Season of my lifetime. Just when you think Television has hit rock bottom they give us a Sitcom based on a Commercial (Caveman), A Spin off of a Night Time Soap Opera (Private Practice), and hire Emmitt Smith as a Football commentator. The season has made me nostalgic for the "Glory Days" of Laverne and Shirley.

4) My Grandson William "Fish Stick" Howard. Trust me on this, grandkids ALMOST make up for all the aggravations that kids give us. It's amazing how much fun it it to just sit and watch him bounce up and down on his bouncer.

5) The Dallas Cowboys are actually winning games. It has been a long 10 years since the Cowboys had a decent team but it look likes Tony Romo is a Football Jedi Knight (tip of my hat to 13.10 the Ticket Radio Station) and may lead the Cowboys back to the Football promised land.

6) The Sooners beat the Longhorns, so those obnoxious Longhorn fans are actually being quite for a change. Coach Fran will soon be unemployed, so maybe the Aggies can finally find a decent Coach and start playing good football again.

7) and finally my sweet wife continues to put up with my nonsense.

Bill Hocutt